The <aside> element is used for content that is tangentially related to the contentaround it. In practical terms, I often […]

The <article> element, alongside <section>, can easily lead to confusion. Icertainly had to read and re-read the specifications of each […]

The <nav> element is used to wrap major navigational links to other pages or partswithin the same page. As it […]

The <section> element is used to define a generic section of a document orapplication. For example, you may choose to […]

For a long time, HTML5 had no element to demarcate the main content of a page. Itwas argued that the […]

Trang chủ dự án Trang github Bước 1. Cài đặt dự án Tải dự án từ Github Hoặc tải […]

Control này thì giống như LookupEdit nhưng về cột thì khác Nguồn: GridColumn column2 = searchLookUpEdit1.Properties.View.Columns.AddField(“ketluan”);column2.Visible = true;GridColumn column […]

Cách để custom lại cột của Lookup Edit lookUpEdit1.Properties.Columns.Add(new DevExpress.XtraEditors.Controls.LookUpColumnInfo(“Name”, 100, “Full Name”)); Này là add một cột vô nhe: […]